Appium behavior while launching the application


I’m currently automating the application which is already installed in my device. I am launching the application through Appium.

I would like to know, what appium actually does when it launches the application. Is there any command that it fires internally?

I am facing a strange issue where in when I run my suite and Appium launches the application and some application level issue appears which is not appeared when I try the same manually.

P.S: I have not set and reset (Full reset or NO reset) in appium. I get my application state as it is when I launch it through appium.

Thanks in advance, the help is much appreciated because I am stuck and can’t run my suites due to the issue.


can you please share the error?

I am not getting any error, but my application behaves differently when I run it through appium. Manually it works fine. So I would like to know what appium does internally.