Appium Book ( thread from google group ) - PR related queries

Hi All,

This is wrt!searchin/appium-discuss/book/appium-discuss/Q3XGAfMJ0DU/8lfHwqmsAS4J

I have cloned the repo and later installed on Mac 10.9

Now I’m struck , not sure how to open / edit content of the book . I had never used MacText formatting before.

Any help / guidance with this will be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

The book doesn’t exist yet. There’s an outline though (viewable via github).


is there any way to contribute as per mail 1st mail from Jonathan “…With this model, I’ll be able to solicit feedback, edits, and fixes from the community as well…”

do you mean there is no content is added yet; other than Index page ?


That’s correct. At the moment, only the outline is available.