Appium can't access elements if visible attribute is False

Hi Experts,
Appium is not able to access elements if the visible attribute is set to false .

Mobile OS : IOS 16.6 and 16.4
Appium : 2.0
XCUITest driver 4.35

Any suggested solution is much appreciated.

Why would you want to access invisible elements? If a user cannot see the element they cannot interact with it, so it’s rather a hack to then interact with the element in a test anyway… unless your intent is to trigger internal or non-functional behaviour. Is that what you want to do?

If not, you might be wanting to interact with an element that is actually visible but is not the same element, but is the parent/ancestor or child of the element that is invisible

Hi Conrad,
Elements are visible on screen but actions/operations are not working on the elements , I have cross verified locators again after your response, every thing seems to be perfect. But unfortunately nither appium inspector or appium java client is able to perform action on specific elements where visible attribute value is set to false .

Thank you for your response.

It might be that we are miss-understanding each other. And since I cannot see the web page or app that you are looking at and you have not provided us a dump of the DOM, this is a rather moot conversation. Without the java code fragment you injected into the browser, also hard to tell what you are trying to do.

But yeah appium is just a wrapper around the drivers, if you say appium cannot do a thing, that’s 50% going to be down to the drivers and 50% down to the target app. share a screenshot and a DOM /source dump to get more help.