Appium can't get text from XCUIElementTypeStaticText

I have iOS app.
There is XCUIElementTypeStaticText element with text inside (“MyTitle”, for example). And this element has accessibility id “titleLabel”.
The problem that Appium can’t get text value from this element. Value, name, label attributes contains acc. id (“titleLabel”), but not actual text.
I tried to get text with code (like .getText()), with Appium Desktop. with some other tools, but no way: all of them returns “titleLabel” as text.
Only Xcode layout inspector displays text value, but in tree view this element is shown like “UILabel - titleLabel”.
All other XCUIElementTypeStaticText (for example, with text “MyText” inside and some acc. id) works correct, and in Xcode the are displayed like “UILabel - MyText” (and I can get text from it as usual).

Are there any other ways to get text from element?

This issue appeared after migrating project to latest Swift version and Xcode 12. And I Appium of latest version.

Ask ios dev to fix this problem. Nothing can be done. Or use both ids to find element.