Appium can't setup device more than once

Hey guys,
I have a problem after update Appium server to newest version.
One of my devices can’t setup more than once.

I can’t show you test because of NDA but I can tell you flow of test, maybe you can help me with this problem.

So I have three devices (iOS, Android 1, Android2) connected to Jenkins. Jenkins starts the test automatically every 4 minutes.

In @BeforeMethon first device (Android1) is setuping.

Then And1 is sending msg to iOS and checking that the message has been delivered.

Then And1 is sendeing msg to And2 and waiting for And2 to read the message
When And1 is waiting for response, And2 is setuping, when it’s ready And2 is checking message, meanwhile And1 gets response that message has been delivered to And2 and test passed.

In @AfterMethod both (And1, And2) drivers are closing after every test.

Before update test works perfectly but now And2 can’t set up more than once, for example: jenkins starts test, everything it’s ok. Then after 4 minutes test starts again and And2 can’t set up.

I tried to reinstall application, reinstall Appium Settings on devices, change devices. I have no more ideas what can be wrong here :confused:

Please add logs when driver fails to startas link to