Appium: command not found message thrown in Terminal

Hello All,

First of all I m new to Appium and I want to install it on mac.

I m using Mac : 10.12.4

When I try to install appium 1.6.x using the command “npm install -g appium” in terminal, it throws the below message.

-bash: appium: command not found

Kindly suggest me how to install appium on mac.

@MohanKumar you mix something. when we try to install not existing package we have:

aleks:tmp Aleksei$ npm install -g appiumdedde
npm ERR! code E404
npm ERR! 404 Registry returned 404 for GET on
npm ERR! 404 
npm ERR! 404  'appiumdedde' is not in the npm registry.

when we execute in console unknown command we have your result:

aleks:tmp Aleksei$ appiumeed
-bash: appiumeed: command not found

So can u kindly suggest how to install appium using terminal.?

@MohanKumar i suggest in terminal:

brew install node # "or second line if npm is installed"
npm i -g npm
npm install -g appium
npm install wd
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Thanks Aleksei…!!!

Appium Installed successfully.

Hi All, I have installed appium using desktop version and also sometime back also installed using command prompt in my mac machine but when I am trying to check appium with command as $ where appium
the message is
-bash: where: command not found

what does it mean ? Means appium is not available ? I have to re-install?

Consider where -> which

Still working on 29/04/2021, thanks Aleksei!! Appium Installed successfully.