Appium command to install .ipa file in iPhone device

Hi - Is there an Appium command to install an .ipa file onto iPhone device. I have come across appium java code however did not find details on command to install an .ipa file onto iPhone device (from command line). Helpful if you could share any information on this Appium command. Thx.

When you instantiate your IOSDriver, you pass in desired capabilities. You can set those up like…

DesiredCapabilities desiredCapabilities = new DesiredCapabilities();

desiredCapabilities.setCapability("app", appNameToTest);

Then when your automation launches, pass in the name of the app on the command-line and read it into the variable you set the desired capability to.

Thanks Brian for the inputs.

My requirement is to install .ipa file into a connected iPhone device from my shell script on Mac OS X. I currently install the .ipa file in iPhone device manually and use

node /usr/local/bin/appium --address --bootstrap-port 4723 -U ‘device uuid’ --app 'ipa file location’

command in shell script to start appium with the installed .ipa app. My requirement is now to automate the .ipa installation in iPhone from my shell script. Hence, wondering if there is similar command to install .ipa file into iPhone from shell script. Thank you.

You should have libimobiledevice installed as a dependency for Appium:

This will let you use ideviceinstaller from the command line (see above link for more info) like:

ideviceinstaller -u <udid> -i <path to app>

@wreed - Thanks for the info. I tried ideviceinstaller command and able to install and uninstall .ipa file onto/from iPhone device successfully. :+1: