Appium Configuration in Eclipse

when i try to enter in the following link :
i got that error : " That URL did not map to a valid JSONWP resource "
Any help please?

i’m using windows not mac and i’m trying to connect with an android app

Hi Emna, try the following link : and run your script, this should work :smile:

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Thank you @Abdul_Sathar_Beigh
i got {“status”:0,“value”:{“build”:{“version”:“1.4.13”,“revision”:“c75d8adcb66a75818a542fe1891a34260c21f76a”}}}
it’s working now but the problem while runing java project in eclipse i’m not getting the result i want
it says : An internal error occurred during: “Launching (my class name )”.

Sounds like a coding error. You’ll have to post the code for anyone to help.