Appium Crashing on Gestures

Porting this conversation over from the google group, as I’m curious about any progress. Manage my expectations please :slight_smile:!topic/appium-discuss/Ar2Mp3G9Kwo

Last update was by @isaac on August 21st: “Ok. I’m looking into this. Thanks!”

@isaac just finished presenting at selenium conference in India, and will be back soon :smile:

cool, thanks for the update.

Just checking in, it’s been two weeks since the last update. Not 100% sure what ‘soon’ means

pinging @isaac
Sorry for the delay.

I have not been on top of this list. I find it difficult to pay attention when they are not being sent to my inbox. Alas.

Anyway, the “fix” is in 1.2.3. I use quotes because it just stops the crash. The gestures are still not going to work, it’s just that the call will return an error rather than crashing the server. Until the underlying systems support the gestures, Appium can’t really do anything.