Appium Desktop 1.17.1 RC1 is released

Hello dear Appium community,

we’ve recently published a pre-release version of Appium Desktop. It contains many bugfixes and is bundled with the latest and the greatest (as of now) Appium version 1.17.1.

Please try it on Mac, Windows or Linux platforms and let us know if you find any inconveniences before we release a stable version.

Many thanks to @KazuCocoa, Dan Graham, Khanh Do, Linda PP and other people who made this release possible.

Download link:

Issues tracker:

Appium Core Team

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@mykola-mokhnach, Does this appium 1.17.1 verison supports iOS 13.5 ? Which apple has released it recently.

1.17.1 version was released before iOS 13.5, but we don’t see any major issues after SDK update, which means we had luck and Apple did not break anything important there since 13.4

Thanks @mykola-mokhnach . Hoping that it won’t impact anything as the major changes of iOS 13.5 has covid19 tracking & notification API’s implementation.