Appium Desktop Beta Released!

Greetings, Appium citizens! The Appium team is delighted to announce that we are ready for you to begin beta testing the brand-new Appium GUI, called “Appium Desktop”. If you’re anxious to get to the download, head on over to and read until you find the download instructions.

For those of you still reading: Appium Desktop is a brand-new cross-platform GUI frontend for Appium, built to run on Mac, Windows, and Linux. It strives for elegance and simplicity, and will hopefully be a great way to point-and-click your way into running an Appium server. The best part about Appium Desktop? It comes bundled with an Inspector you can use to run sessions with Appium and look at your app and your app’s hierarchy while doing so. It’s a great way to explore the structure of your app and figure out how to locate elements you want to interact with in your scripts.

This is definitely still in beta, so hit it hard and raise any issues on the GitHub tracker (please see the README for instructions on raising issues). Have fun!


Can you please explain how to run appium desktop beta release on desktop

I like the new UI and simple setup and launch in Appium Desktop.

One thing bothers me is the navigation within the inspector for finding elements, specially in a pop-up. I feel the previous version had the same problem. There is no easier way to focus on the pop-up screen and the only way is to try going through all the possible XCUIElementTypeWindow or XCUIElementTypeOther until you find the right one.

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My app get crashed every time when i try to launch it using appium desktop beta release. Can u please help on this ?

Where is appium inspector?

I’d like to try out this new tool, but I’m lost as far as how to start it. I’ve importing the project into Eclipse as well as downloaded/extracted the zip file, but the files that I’ve double-clicked don’t start it up. The says “When you open Appium Desktop…” but I don’t see any instructions on how to open it up.

Its cool feature from appium team, but i am having 1 query that while doing for ios app my wda is getting remove and i am getting xcode build failed with 65 error. Please suggest some solution

Do you have a plan that Appium Inspector shows Xpath values?
It seems that ver1.0.0-beta.2 doesn’t show each element Xpath value whether iOS app or Android app.
I know Xpath strategy is franky and not recommendable, but sometimes I have to use it.

Webinar by @jlipps himself, don’t miss

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Where is appium inspector?
Start the server and connect to it with your test(probably you will want to run test in debug with a break point to do this). Copy the session from the console logs. Click the start new session button. In the popup window select ‘attach to session’ and enter the session you copied. This will start the inspector.

Is WDA still required to execute test in desktop version of Appium in iOS?