Appium Desktop Recording: how to tap element by xpath not coordinates?

Using the “Start Recording” feature of Appium Desktop during an inspector session, I was wondering how I can interact with a UI Element (tap or swipe) from the screen.
The problem is that the code it autogenerates to simulate the tap uses coordinates to show where I tapped rather than the UI Element’s id/xpath itself, so the autogenerated code is fairly useless for devices of various sizes. I’m aware that I can look into the xml shown under “App Source” and tap an element there and have the result I want, but I’d like to do that from the actual app screen itself.

Additionally, I wanted to ask if there anything this feature could be used for other than simulating swipes and taps. Is it possible to autogenerate code asserting that a particular UI element exists?

To help give my question some context, I’ll mention my end goal. Ideally, I’d like to be able to tap a series of UI elements from the app itself (the user interface itself) and have a test auto-written verifying the presence of each of them.