Appium Desktop with proxy authentication


In my organization we need to connect Appium Desktop with UFTMobile in cloud.
To do it, we need to connect through a proxy with credentials to access to Internet.

I have set proxy settings (url, user and password) in Internet Options (Windows environment) and I achieve UFTMobile through the website. However, Appium Desktop is not able to connect to UFTMobile and I don’t see anywhere to put user and password values. I only get the error: “ECONNRESET”

I just tried with another computer outside my organization, and with the same parameters and version, and I connect correctly to UFTMobile in cloud. So, the main problem is the proxy authentication.

Is it possible to specify proxy credentials in Appium Desktop?
Is it posible to use the system credentials and settings?

Appium Desktop 1.20.2 (Windows)