Appium Discuss is back!

This forum was down for a couple days there. Here’s why, if you’re interested:

I got an email from Google about the upcoming deprecation of the Google+ APIs. I thought it odd because I couldn’t think of any Google+ integrations I own. The email from Google was very helpful, and outlined that Appium Discuss uses the Google+ authentication APIs. Ah, for logging in using Google Auth. The email said I should switch to the new Google Authentication APIs.

Well I’m not a Discourse developer, but I looked at their own Discourse forum and they had a thread about this. Discourse was updated a while ago to use the new Google Authenticator APIs. So all we had to do was update to the newest version.

Discourse is really cool, it’s a Ruby on Rails app that runs in a docker container. It adopted containers very early on. There’s an admin UI where I can update the instance with a single button.

Except Appium Discuss hadn’t been updated in a year or two O.O the update failed. Then Appium Discuss went down.

We contacted the JS Foundation, since they run the actual instance Appium discuss runs on. After some hours of work they were able to figure out the upgrade for us. And we’re back :smiley: