Appium does not display IDs, it only displays labels

Below is the code which i’m trying to select in Appium.

> renderIf(this.state.procedimento.opcoesTelaGuia.exibirPaciente,
                                                    <Item stackedLabel
                                                        style={{ marginTop: 15, }}>
                                                        <Label style={styles.label}>Paciente</Label>
                                                        <View style={{ marginTop: 5, width: '98%', }}>
                                                            <SwipeRow style={{ backgroundColor: '#FFFFFF', borderBottomWidth: 0, height: 45 }}
                                                                <View style={{ flexDirection: 'row', justifyContent: 'flex-end', backgroundColor: '#FFFFFF', }}>
                                                                    <Button transparent
                                                                        style={{ width: 45, justifyContent: 'center', }}
                                                                        onPress={() => { this._formPaciente() }}>
                                                                        <MaterialCommunityIcons name="pencil" style={{ fontSize: 28, color: '#3CB371' }} />
                                                                <View style={{ flexDirection: 'row', justifyContent: 'space-between', backgroundColor: '#FFFFFF', }}>
                                                                    <View style={{ color: '#308EE7', }}>
                                                                        <MaterialCommunityIcons name="gesture-swipe-left" style={{ fontSize: 34, color: '#308EE7' }} />
                                                                    <Button transparent
                                                                        onPress={() => { this._navPaciente() }}>
                                                                        <Text style={styles.textForm}

Heres the output i’m getting from Appium when I try to find the ID I inserted on my code:

accessibility id Paciente   SELECIONE

The visualization of that field is:

label: Paciente
(icon here) SELECIONE

Shouldn’t it display the id I inserted, “button_selectPaciente_formProcedimentos”?