Appium does not recover from selenium grid problem

Hi there,

I am using appium iOS8 branch version (didn’t yet upgrade to the official version).
I used Selenium hub 2.42.2.
Had a problem that after ~20 tests in a row I received FORWARDING_TO_NODE_FAILED error.
According to selenium it is a bug that should not be available on 2.41, so I downgraded…


  1. I get that error even with 2.41, which makes me wonder maybe it is an appium problem…
  2. After such an error occurs, the session gets stuck in appium and all the rest of the tests fail due to “another session already in progress”. Can I somehow terminate a session of an appium node from remote? Can you somehow recognize this problem and properly kill the session?


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How did you configure Appium with Selenium Hub & what is the advantage? Could you please share with me. Thanks a lot…

Watch my video to configure and run appium script on multiple android devices using selenium grid.
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Sorry for the late response (release day was near:) )

We configure Appium nodes, that register on a selenium hub, and it helps us because we can run tests in parallel and on various versions and types of devices.

Hope I helped:)

When i see hub url(localhost:4723)…it is showing error …“That URL did not map to a valid JSONWP resource”
How can i know node is connected to the hub? pls let me know if anyone knows…!!!

Hi , I have recorded a small video with parallel execution. i hope it will help you.

Refer following link.

Nice video arvind, but I have some questions
Are you executing your test by giving 《parallel》keyword in testng?
or are you running your test with some other way?
because i tried on two real devices/two emulator and both the places my test failed after second device started accepting commands.