Appium doesn't update it's view in list element and subelements


I am working on iOS native app and when trying to read from tableView/tableCells I have a problem getting the updated values. At the first time i enter the page/screen I can see all cells. But , if i create an action that adds another cell to the table view when I try to get the list of cells I see an empty list.
Also, When i change a subelement in that cell I can’t see the changed sub element both in inspector and in the code.
I tried switching to a different page and also changing tabs in that page and reread the table/cell and subelements but it didn’t help.
please help…

Are elements viewable on the screen that you are trying to locate? If no then you might want to take the elements in screen view and then try. Or alternatively use page factory.

I use page factory and the elements are viewable

we have similar problems. luckily only in one place among hundreds of test. scenario is that button appears above other elements.

it is reproducing even with Appium Inspector :slight_smile: when trigger view refresh (ShowDisabled+ShowInvisible are checked) just before to show element and after.

Although if trigger view with same page first time (after Appium Inspector restart) with show element -> then we see it.

The only workaround we did is tap_by_image functionality.