Appium Driver instantiation Timed out after creating appium server remotely


So i have a framework that was working perfectly until now, i do my code in VS2010 on windows and have appium installed on a mac with devices connected to it.

I recently reinstalled MAC OS on it and installed all appium dependencies but now i have an issue with instantiatin the Driver in my code when the appium server was created remotely through ssh.
I also used TMUX until now to manage existing processes on the mac so i can run multiple tests and clean them up.


  1. I send the command
    “/usr/local/Cellar/tmux/2.1/bin/tmux new -d -s Android-session /Applications/ /Applications/ --address --port 4724 --platform-name Android --device-name Nexus_6_tab” to the MAC via SSH and the process is created (checking with ps aux | grep appium , i can see that the server was created)
  2. I continue my code and add all capabilities.
  3. MDriver = new AndroidDriver(new Uri(ADDRESS_OF_MAC), capabilities);
  4. The Driver is nto created and i get an error : “The HTTP request to the remote WebDriver server for URL http://xx.xx.103.77:4724/wd/hub/session timed out after 60 seconds.”

Now if i clear all appium processes and run the create server command again, in terminal on the mac this time :
“/usr/local/Cellar/tmux/2.1/bin/tmux new -d -s Android-session /Applications/ /Applications/ --address xx.xx.103.77 --port 4724 --platform-name Android --device-name Nexus_6_tab”

This will again create the same server it did when running it through ssh remotely.
Only this time if it do : MDriver = new AndroidDriver(new Uri(ADDRESS_OF_MAC), capabilities); IT WORKS.

I have no idea why creating the appium server remotely is any different than creating it locally, until now it was working with the exact same code, before reinstaling mac os.

If any of you stumbled upon a similar issue when setting up appium remotely on Mac, please let me know, any suggestions would be great.