APPIUM Elements with loc[0,0} size{0,0}


i want to automate an APP and try to find the identifiers. I use APPIUM Inspector for that. i can find the xpath of the buttons i want to click, but these buttons have loc{0,0} and size {0,0}.

You can find a screenshot here :

Am i doing something wrong or does the APP developer need to fix the issue ?

I am using a real device with Android 6.0.1

try enable “setWebContentsDebuggingEnabled” in your Android app for webview.

The dev says its enabled

                new Configuration.Builder()


you should have something like:

its enabled in the settings. still i can not find elements in the webview. i have few questions about this topic.

  1. is it possible to find the webview elements with appium inspector
  2. in chrome inspector i can find different xpath then in appium inspector, can i use this xpath with appium ?
  3. can i use cssSelectors with appium and how can i find them ? can i take the cssSelektors i get from chrome inspector ?

Thanks for your answer, you really help me to get my first appium tests running.

  1. only old version of Appium GUI is available 1.5.3 (not supporting last xCode)
  2. you can use xpath but i suggest to use IDs instead. xPath is quite slow.
  3. try. i never used.

the issue is, i don’t have ids in the app. Only having xpath or css selectors.