Appium Error Logging

Is there a recommended way to log errors from the Appium node server to a text file? I don’t want to pipe all the output from the server, just any errors that may occur.

While not all of the output is easily readable, it is recommended that you log all of the output. When you encounter problems, the first bit of information you’ll usually be asked for is the server logs.

I would like to return a simple one line message depending on what kind of failure occurred. We are running this system on thousands of devices and having a short message such as “ideviceinstaller failed to install” or “ADB timed out” would make it a lot simpler to troubleshoot. I know Appium sends errors like the, I just don’t know if there is a good way to grab them.

It would certainly be marvelous to have, and I’ve asked for something similar in the past. Some of the developers have done work to improve it. If you find messages that are meaningless or could be made less redundant (and increase the signal to noise ratio), file a ticket on github. Alternatively, if you’ll forgive me for being flip, become an Appium developer and fix it yourself.