Appium Error while executing appium test case

ENOENT, NO such file or directory C:\androidSDK;build-tools error while executing appium test case. How to remove this error … my environment variables are correct. HOW to fix it?

This seems to be an issue of ANDROID_HOME path in environment variable.

Make sure that ANDRIOD_HOME is set properly and adb tool is accessible from command promt…

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Everything is correct… If its possible can you do this for me. using Team Viewer.

The issue says " NO such file or directory C:\androidSDK;build-tools"

How can there be a “;” between your path “C:\androidSDK;build-tools”

There is no ; in Environment Variable but Appium Server app shows ; in error … :confused:

Please post all Path or screenshot

issue solved… i was giving path of download…

but i need to give path of Androd SDK…