Appium execution slows down on some screens-android

I’m trying to automate a react native app. Appium desktop and test execution drastically slow down on some screens of my test application.

The screen I’m trying to inspect/automate doesn’t have any list items, complicated XPaths. I’m just trying to use the accessibility ID/ Ui Selector strategies for my locators. Appium desktop is taking around 1 minute to just find the element and test execution which should be ideally completed in a minute or two is taking around 15 minutes. Manually the app doesn’t hang on these screens, the screens are interactive and responsive as expected.

As per the above image, I’m trying to use new UiSelector().textMatches(“Wallet”) in my page objects.

Appium Version : 1.17.1
Appium Desktop Version : 1.17.1

Is this issue with appium / anything is to be changed in the source code so that appium can find these elements faster??