Appium extremely slow on some screens

Appium desktop and test execution is extremely slow on list pages. get the page source command takes more than 1 minute. I made a video for this problem , as you can see on the video I can get the page source on some screens(List screens) very slowly

How can I fix this problem, I tried

  • simpleIsVisibleCheck
  • useJSONSource

Appium destop version 1.15.1

I saw this issue on similator and real devices

Video Link : (0:45 Restaurant Detail Screen)


Nothing you can do.
As far as with iOS we see elements outside screen which may include long list (e.g. long country list of 250 items) plus may also include screens in background. This is all makes screen page source huge and slow for automation.

As workaround:

  • ask ios dev minimize elements in list ( when user reaches end of list get next e.g. 25 elements dynamically)
  • use fast locators to find elements like IDs
  • search for ONE element instead of list
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Thanks for replay
Yes Although I am at the top of the list, I can see the elements at the end of the list on this screen with inspector.
is this error specific to appium ?

I guess it is specific to UIXCTest which is Apple side.

BTW in xCode there is ui inspector. Try to use it. It is not so comfortable. Plus it does not generate whole page but only few focused elements .

Iā€™m facing the same problem in Android. Is there any solutions for this ?

no much options:

  • try use inspector from Android Studio
  • switch to Espresso driver


Whenever I touch a button, the App automatic reload the same GUI, which is very slow for every touch. Is there anyway to make it just load one time or ignore the loading?

I do not know. I do not use Appium GUI.