Appium finds deallocated objects along with the newly created ones

Appium inspector is showing deallocated objects.
So I am seeing x instances of the same object, out of which only 1 is actually correct & visible( while rest are dead).
Appium tends to find the first such element and fails on performing a function(click,senkeys etc…) on the first instance(which is dead)


  1. I have a TableView T.
  2. I navigate to T
  3. Navigate to some other page(so that at the backend the objects are set to nil/deallocated)
  4. I navigate again to T.
  5. I inspector I find 2 entries for T. (say, T1 which is now dead & a current instance T2)
  6. My code fails on clicking the Tableview as it finds the dead object T1 first & tries clicking on it.

I am Using appium 1.2.0 & automating an app on Iphone 5s with IOS 7. I am using Java(Eclipse) on my Macbook.

I further investigated this & I think the problem is that since Appium is using instruments, it displays both the persistent as well as the transient objects through instruments. We need to return only the persistent objects not the transient.

Kindly have a look.