Appium Flutter, python vs TS

I am a flutter developer and in our company we are implementing automated integration test case. Testers are more familiar with python, but after looking at appium flutter driver, what I saw was that the package was made from TS and there are better support for TS, like there are more examples in repo and in the overall internet.

TS is little same like dart(Flutter). Even its not, my programming foundation is strong, I can learn necessary basic part of TS with in a week. With that I can use more functionality of driver, customize the repo by forking it if we needs different use case and even contribute to the community.

But for my above plan to work, the testers needs to learn TS too, but they might need more time to learn compared to python.

Back to question: As per you guys, for flutter, should we choose python due to easy to learn but small community resulting in limitations in few features or TS.