Appium folks at WWDC

Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone is at WWDC and wanted to get together to chat about some of the testing announcements (or anything appium related).

ping @jlipps, who is at WWDC?

I don’t know if any Appium devs are at WWDC, however we’re just a few blocks away at Sauce HQ if you want to come for lunch some day @jdeff. Hit me up on Twitter if so.

I’m actually going to the ui testing with Xcode presentation tomorrow. I’ll take copious notes and share out what’s relevant if people are interested. Not sure yet how much of an intersection it will be with the appium framework yet


@shermaneric, I will be there as well. It would be nice to meet a fellow appium user. From what I’ve heard they are going to deprecate UIAutomation in favor of XCTest. I don’t know what that means for iOS < 9.0, though. Thats one of my top questions for the labs.

So far from the docs, it looks like XCTest, for the most part, has ported all of the functionality that you had in UIAutomation and then some. I can’t find any documentation for the XCTest classes, but if you download the Xcode beta and take a look at the generated header file for XCTest you can see everything there. It’s going to be an interesting transition.

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@shermaneric please do take notes!

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hi @jdeff.
I’m just starting to play myself.
If you have a developer account, I found this. Hope it’s helpful.

@shermaneric, thanks for the link. Unfortunately it doesn’t talk about any of the new UI classes in XCTest. I’m excited to hear more about it today.

I’ll be hanging around the entrance to Presidio near the pillars before the talk if you’d like to meet up.


Accessibility identifier looks awesome… was this a new thing for xcode 7?

What session is this link for? The link doesn’t work for me - looking to view it via the WWDC App

Nevermind - should have checked with Google first.

UI Testing in Xcode

Hopefully it becomes available soon

the ui test in xcode7 looks very nice… thinking to switch to that ?
seems it is only for > ios8, not for lower version ?
but the debug/recording in xcode is really nice.

open in safari, not in other browser :slight_smile:

Apple has taken a big step forward with XCTest. Finally they realized that they need a robust UI testing framework. I also liked the element query which seemed to me quite efficient.
Recording will also ease up the life by automatically getting the element locators.
Let’s see how appium gets integrated with this new API.