Appium for iOS to have these changes for multiple simulator/app support?

I came across this today:

which was also mentioned at last Selenium conference.

Will this type of functionality be implemented in Appium at some point? I haven’t really used Appium so far but last I recall it can only handle one iOS simulator/app at a time if I’m not mistaken.

I asked this same question 5 days ago, but no reply:

Good to know wreed, should have checked before sort of duplicate posting.

I asked same on ios-driver forum. The developer responded he tried to do similar before but not succeeded, and welcomed any help in the area.

So still new territory I guess.

If I get time & make any headway I’ll post here, but I’ve got a lot on my plate at work right now.



Hey guys,

With Appium 1.6.0 now supporting XCUITest, does that mean that this is now supported through Appium with some tweaking?