Appium gestures plugin with C#


Have anyone used the appium-gesture-plugin with Appium2 and C#? Does it even work?

Here is an example how to use it from Github:

Swipe up:
RemoteWebElement scrollView = (RemoteWebElement) wait.until(presenceOfElementLocated(AppiumBy.accessibilityId(“Swipe-screen”)));

driver.executeScript(“gesture: swipe”, Map.of(“elementId”, scrollView.getId(),
“percentage”, 50,
“direction”, “up”));

Some things we have done:

  • Changed RemoteWebElement to IWebElement
  • Finding element with FindElement(By.Xpath…)
  • Changed Map.of to Dictionary

But how to replace scrollView.getId()? Now I only get “The element identified … is not present in the cache”. Anyone used this plugin with C# and have an example?

So I believe you are talking about this:

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Did you look at the issues on this repo? One sticks out to me:

Currently not answered. If I were you I would add a comment to that issue to let them know that there is interest in dot net support.

Thank you for answer @wreed! I will have a look.