Appium GUI Version 1.5.3

hi folks,
I have an issue with regards t latest appium GUI version in market, 1.5.3.
Appium latest version only supports ios 9.x version and not 10.x.
I want to use appium GUI version to test on 10.x IOS version, is there a workaround?

When is next appium version for GUI scheduled to be released.


v1.5.3 of the GUI will not support the latest Android and iOS10+ versions, so there’s no need to launch the GUI to run the server.

You can use alternative inspectors for the time being until they release the new GUI, or just run the current GUI for just the inspector and run appium via npm. You can find a blog post to use these two options here:

As for the release of the new GUI, it’s currently in the works from what we know since it’s being reworked from the ground up. No ETA mention so far, but you can obtain the source files from the Github repository here:

It does require you to build npm modules. If this is too much of a hassle and it will have bugs I’m sure of it, then it’s best you try option #1 mention above.

The link that @Termx is a good one. I use solution #1 all the time