Appium high CPU load & possible memory leak issue

We are running on Appium1.3.4 with Xcode6.1.1 and have noticed that Appium in GUI mode becomes slower and slower as more test are run. We need to restart it after every few test to fix it. Anyone else having this issue ?

Another issue is when Appium starts up in command line and run our full Cucumber test suite, the CPU and memory usage slowly increase over time till it becomes completely unresponsive and ultimately failing the test.

Our test suite have 288 steps and runs for about 25min and there is no restart in between the tests. It only takes a few test ~10 for the CPU usage to shoot up to ~95%. Around half way through instruments process which is started by Appium uses around 10gb of ram and then by the end of the test it uses 2x gb of ram.

After a few test we can see high CPU load already and by half way the memory usage starts to build up

Right at the end of the test, extremely high memory usage

OSX 10.10
Appium 1.3.4
Xcode 6.1.1
Device iPhone6 10.1 emulator

My question is does anyone else experience these issues? My current workaround is use the Appium reset API to restart the emulator every few tests.

We are also seeing this same issue, we saw instruments using 30 gigs of ram at one point!

Luckily, we can work around it as we automatically restart the application at the start of each feature file. Once we also limit our feature files to a maximum of 10 tests (all tests take about the same time to run) we see no further memory or performance issues.

We are using appium 1.3.1 - we had issues upgrading appium from earlier revisions and are reluctant to upgrade again, as the workaround above is ok.

If you are seeing this issue, try splitting your features files, and ensure the app is restarted at the beginning of each.

Sorry, I’m sure it’s frustrating. We’ve got an ticket to address this issue.

@Floodzie, are you also using, the GUI?

try start appium with less logs (e.g. Error) in mine case it is always helping and we always use less possible log level in our CI which taking more then hour with iOS and Android clients.
see similar -

We use cucumber, which calls appium from the command line.