Appium: How to run more than one automation class that have the same name in a right order in testsuite of junit

@Suite.SuiteClasses({test1.class, test2.class, test3.class, test2.class})
public class TestSuit extends TestCase {}

I have many automation test classes that I would like to run together in junit testsuit, among those classes I have used one class 2 times, so when I try to run all the classes together in Junit Testsuit, it causes wrong order. Based on example above test1.class, test2.class, test3.class, test2.class should run in order as provided, but it does not because after it executes test1 it skip test2.class and test3.class but it continue on the test2 (second test2.class that stay after test3.class) . So it make my automation run in wrong sequence order.

Thank you in advance for any support.