Appium in ios and android. At the same time!

hi everyone!
im new in appium, and i need to implement Appium in a React Native Proyect to test android and ios, at the same time!
i know that this has some issues :

but… this is for late, im a little confusing now,
i dont know how to start.
i have already installed appium and i saw that there are some differents drivers (Driver-Specific Setup
do i need both of them? (android and ios)

my objetive is making a Page Object Proyect, in whitch i could write android and ios tests , sharing code and methods. I could edit the code of the app too, if i need (for example, making some convention of names or attributes)

some of you worked in something similar? is there some example that can i use?
well, really thank you for your time!

i hop you can help me