Appium Inspector (1.3.1) closes abruptly

OS — macOS 10.13: High Sierra
Appium version — 1.3.1 (Tried with older version of appium as well)

Issue: On mac OS when i am trying to open the appium inspector after setting the device/desired capabilities(iPad/ios), the appium closes of abruptly.

No Logs created on the appium session.

Note: When it was old Mac OS these was working on the same computer, now latest OS is freshly installed and environment settings are done. e.g. Xcode Latest from App store/ JAVA 9/ Node latest etc.

Please help

@Aleksei ---- do you know why ?

@troyhugs last time i used appium inspector was about 3 years ago. About 2,5 years ago i stopped it using. For Android there is native inspector. For iOS i always use “getPageSource()” in code and print output into console.

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