Appium Inspector and Not Identify the object on second page

Dear Team ,

I am just planning to learn new technologies and also looking for your support on forum if any body face same issue

First I would like to thanks for finding valuable forum where we can aware more concept on appium for grasping knowledge and also increasing my confidence.

I have two query. could any one provide valuable time to resolve below query?

  1. Suppose I logged gmail or any login application on first page .then how can we perform another operation with latest appium desktop server on second page because I tried a lot to find xpath of any single element on second page (after login ,it seems that new page loaded )for performing any basic operation(click) but I got the error as no such element exception and unable to proceed with second page. After this I went to Google and tried to analyze but I didn’t get finalize solution for the same could you please help me on this?
  2. As per my hobbies as surfing or exploring more features , i just came to know that we have another appium inspector for identify the element but some time , I am not getting image properly loaded in Appium emulator after starting session with desire capabilities in appium desktop window and getting page as loading after couple of minute but I can see app source for the same app and also not able to identify object or perform any operation for those application where page did not load up. Could you please provide valuable time to resolve loading issue in Appium inspector for any APK if you get a chance to have this issue?.

    Thanks for giving valuable time to have a look on my query.