Appium inspector doesn't render exact UI, See screenshot please

I have Xcode 8 cuz my app won’t be built if I use an earlier version. And I have appium >advance setup as Xcode 2, which refers to Xcode 7.3.
Now, whenever I try to locate element using the inspector some of the element are not getting displayed, and hence I am having difficult times figuring out what to do? Can someone please advise.

If you are not able to figurre out the issue, try using this inspector.

Thanks, I appreciated your prompt reply. However, I am unable to see the dmg file to download the inspector. I don’t see any executable file which can be installed on my machine.Can you please give me steps as to what or how can I have this running. Thanks

I am new to Appium. Please help me out. Thanks

Hey there? Can you please give me steps to run the iOS inspector that you have mentioned above? Will appreciate. Thanks

This is a third party inspector. This will not have a dmg file. just download this zip

and extract the contents. Then, put breakpoints and run the script in debug mode. When the script pauses, just open the index.html file in the extracted zip contents. That should bring up your inspector. Let me know if you have problems in bringing up the inspector.