Appium Inspector fails to inspect web-app on android and ios devices


I’ve been automating a web app on both android & iOS devices for three months and I used to face an issue only on iOS device and the similar issue is occurring on android device too. (I use simulators & emulators too - this issue exists on them too)

Appium inspector takes the entire webpage as a single webelement. It wont let me inspect any element on the page. I used to close the inspector several times and re-launch it with the same desired capabilities before as a work around on iOS device but, now its not working.

I’m stuck here and a few times it works but it fails to identify whatever the locators that I have written using the appium inspector. Those locators worked before and I was able to execute tests.

Please suggest any workaround/fix for this issue.

Appium Desktop versions used: 1.15, 1.17.0

Android devices/emulators OS: 10, 9
iOS devices/simulators OS: latest to 12.0

I Do have a Same Problem

Try this:
driver.context (for python)
It should return: native app and webview after that you will have to change the context to webview

How to do that ? I also encountered this issue.

Have you fixed your issue ?