Appium Inspector getting timed out error

I tried with both app and desktop version of new appium inspector but no luck. Every-time app is loading in simulator but i’m getting timeout error from appium inspector. Can someone please help me?


  • macOS-11.6
  • appium server GUI - v1.22.0
  • appium inspector - 2021.9.2

appium-server-logs.txt (58.8 KB)

Please make sure that WebDriverAgent is installed in your simulator before running the inspector.

  • If you see WebDriverAgent app icon, that means it is already installed.
  • If you re-build your app, Appium will automatically compile and build WebDriverAgent again. So you need to wait until the process is done.

@dinesha87 Did you get the solution? I’m also facing the same issue.

  1. macOS - Ventura 13.1beta
  2. Appium server -v1.22.3
  3. Appium inspector-2022.9.1

Can someone please help me?

Use Appium 2: