Appium Inspector has different result in different mobile devices

Hello~ I am trying to use Appium Inspector to locate the elements.

However, not sure whether it is affected by the Android version, just find that there will be different result in different devices.

For example, by using Pixel_3a, I find that I can inspect more element, which is what I need.

By using Nokia, I can only find limited element.

Actually I also tried to run the automated script after that. When it is run in Pixel_3a, everything is fine and the test get passed. However, when run the same script in Nokia, test get failed due to cannot locate the element.

Would like to ask that, will Android system version affect the result? Pixel_3a is using Android 12.0, while Nokia is using 8.0.

Thank you so much!~. (since i have no extra mobile for testing…’’)

yes different Android and iOS systems produce a bit different page source

Thank you Aleksei!!~

Since I can locate the element name by using Pixel_3a, would like to ask that, is it possible to run the same script in Nokia as well? As currently, the test case always get failed and I have no idea how to run it, even though I have the element name…’’ :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

this is webView inside your app.
1 Ask your developers to make sure that you webView debuggable
2 make sure you can debug your webView with Chrome -> on needed phone

yap, i can get the idea that it is needed to have a webView debuggable app. (and thank you for the reminder >___<~~)

But my thought is that, both two phones are using the same .apk. However, one can view the element while another cannot. Is it a bit tricky?

Can you debug in Chrome your wevView on Nokia?

Thank you Aleksei for the time again:raised_hands:

Seems both of them cannot show the webView in Chrome. However, Appium Inspector can really display the element even the App is not in webView debug mode

(FYI, the devtools should be working fine, as it can show something when I use Chrome App in mobile


no magic. ask dev to enable debug view with WebViews of your app