Appium Inspector not displaying all ipad screens when connected with Real device

I am using appium 1.2 to automate an Ipad app.
Client: C#. net , Webdriver

I am automating on real device. Everything works fine but when i click on one specific button on my app in inspector (it is a button in scrollview) , Action is replicated on my Real device but on Refresh Inspector shows nothing and is blank and i am not able to record any further actions

Please suggest . This is blocking my work…

My application is native and data is nowhere fetched from web.

Please also suggest if there is any other alternative to appium inspector to see elements xpath/classname…

Thanks in Advance

Well, you can always use the source command to get the current page source, and create your selectors from that.

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How can i get xpath from the command output?

i tried driver.PageSource
It returned nodes with a path entry as : 0/0/6/3 or some other

I need to get xpath, classnames of the elements which are not displayed in inspector…

Thanks for patience… i am new to appium…

So, looking at the xml output of the page source, you can construct your own xpath expressions to get the element.
XPath is just a notation for locating elements in an xml document, so you should find a good explanation of xpath online and experiment :smile:

If you use a dynamic language like javascript or ruby, you can run an interactive session with appium, this will make it easier to try your xpath expressions and see if they work.

Fight on!

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ok…let me try

one more query i have , i have 3 textfields in table view.
By default focus is on ist textfield.
i am able to use
to send data but how to jump to next textfield???

fields have same parent view … they are like
Name : textfield
Address : textfield

xpath of Name: UIAApplication[1]/UIAWindow[1]/UIATableView[2]/UIATableCell[2]/UIAStaticText[1] ,

After typing data in name textfield , how can i jump to Address.??

Please suggest, i am using C# ios binding.