Appium Inspector not showing attributes after updating application version


I have a mobile application which in the past I could use to view the elements using Appium/Appium Inspector. But after I update the application version to newer. Everything is hidden, only class attribute (sometimes content-desc) is shown. Please refer picture below:

This is the version that I use:

For other applications, I’m still able to view the elements after updating to newest version.

The question is why one application behaves like that? Is there anything to do with the development team like did they change anything? If so is there a way to work around to view the elements again?

Thank you.

That’s the first question you should be asking. Let Development team know the issue you are facing. They can probably answer this question much easier than an anonymous poster on a discussion board.

Yes but the thing is we do not have connection with development team, the application is a product of someone else and we are automating on it.

Is there any change logs provided with the latest release? If so, have they changed tech or upgraded the version any of the technology they are using to build the app? That might be the first step to figure it out.

If you have no connection with the Dev team it may well be that they are aware of your activities and don’t approve of them.