Appium Inspector seeing everything as one big element for iOS

I am trying to inspect iOS app elements which are developed in react native.
So for the first page the appium inpsector has identified the individual elements but for the rest pages it is highlighting the whole screen. so unable to click on any individual element on the screen.

I went through other post as well but could not find the solution.
I tried to set below capabilities other than basic one. but it did not help.
I tried xcode accessibility inspector as well it behaved the same.

“appium:settings[snapshotMaxDepth]”: 60,
“appium:settings[customSnapshotTimeout]”: “50000”,

Is this the issue with appium or the way app is been developed via developer? I am not able to progress further.

First check that you can inspect with native xCode inspector

you meant xcode accessibility inspector ? if yes I tries that as well . That did not work. behaving the same as appium inspector.

This means you need help of ios developers to solve it.