Appium inspector visible property showing as "false" even though element is dispalyed


I am facing issue where i am using appium 1.7 and Xcode 9.3,
when i am trying to inspect element its showing its visible property as false, Please let me know how i can fix it as its a blocker


can you check if it also happen using latest appium beta?

@Telmo_Cardoso Hi, I downloaded latest appium beta 1.8 but i am getting rolled back to 1.7.2 and above issue continues

Hi, And i have observed one more thing that is not effected for all the elements, only few of the elements showing visibilty as “false”

I’m running into this same issue except it’s happening to me for all elements. I’ve started a thread here All elements are showing visible as false

same thing with android, sometimes the element is displayed but appium doesn t detect element.
I try to play with time.sleep()

same for me too @asdesai - have you found a fix yet? I’ve tried Appium 1.7 - Appium v1.11.0-beta.2 and Xcode 9.3 - 10.1 w/ no luck

I’m also encountering the same issue with appium desktop 1.12.1

when get matching path count | //XCUIElementTypePicker/XCUIElementTypePickerWheel/*
out put is 0
is this a appium inspector issue?
@asdesai how do you resolve?