Appium installation folder path in mac

Can someone please tell where does new appium inspector save its desired capabilities in mac (folder structure) required this path to move from 1 machine to another machine

It’s an Electron app, so take a look at app.getPath(name).appData here:

Documentation states the default path is: ~/Library/Application Support and that this directory is hidden by default in the MacOS gui.

Easiest way to take a look in there (and back it up) is to open a terminal, and cd ~/Library/Application\ Support. From there you can give command open . <-don’t forget the dot and the gui will show you the folder. I found mine under the folder appium-inspector in the file settings.json.

NOTE: I did not try to import this into a new install. I would guess that if you made sure that Appium Inspector is not running you could replace this file with the one from your old machine.

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Thanks for the help.