Appium installation on OpenSuse 42.2 (Leap) Linux

I am wondering where to get the Appium install package (preferably, RPM package) to install on the OpenSuse (42.2 - Leap) linux. If there is any installation guide/doc would be helpful.


Most of the instructions you will find on running Appium on Linux will be for Ubuntu, but you should be used to that if you’ve chosen to run OpenSuse. The instructions should be valid, with the usual Linux tweaking that you’ve come to expect. There is no RPM package. Instead, you will have to learn how to install and run an NPM package.

Here’s a result I got by googling, ‘install appium linux’, there are many more:

Of course you’ll need to translate the apt-get commands into RPM commands and probably do a bit of hacking to get it working. It would probably be a good idea to document your process once you get it up and running on OpenSuse so that you can give back to the community. Good Luck!