Appium IOS check network package transfer

I’m looking for a way to discover applications network data package transfers using appium.
That way I can understand that an imageview or scrollview has finished loading images,datas etc… from internet.
I’ve searched for an answer but I wasn’t able to find anything
Does anyone have any idea about it, or there is a way to check rx , tx data


any idea about that?

Didn’t get ur question ?

You want to know current status of n/w protocol by which image gets loaded in app page

e.g. HTTP get for an image file inside app

Yes thats right
That way I can understand that loading of image has finished and I can start testing that ImageView,Scrollview etc…

any idea about that?

I don’t know how to capture that. I just know that browserMobProxy jar is used to capture network traffic. Try googling that.

You can also try Selenium Waits for image Load. [Implicit,Explicit or Fluent Waits.]

There is a hack, So in Mac you can actually set you mac as wifi router. So that way you need to configure your mac as WIfi router in your device. enable monitoring in wireshark or any other tool. That way you can monitor traffic.

@Tolga_Tanriverdi I ran into this situation before. Unfortunately I was not able to find a solution for this because all the network I/O is handled by the app itself and there is no way that Appium can intercept to monitor the traffic.

My workaround is to wait until the loading icon is displayed ( this means the image is being loaded) and continuously check if that icon disappears ( which means the image is loaded completely). Only after that I will run other test script

Most of the modern app will have a “visual thing” to inform the users that it is working on some I/O tasks. So i hope your app supports some kind of that

Tbao thanks for the reply,
I saw network activity monitor in instruments do you think is there any way to use it from command line and check the network traffic through network activity instruments


@Tolga_Tanriverdi How can you see the network traffic from instruments? Can you attach a picture to demonstrate that? If we can actually see the network traffic then we can figure out a way to leverage it, and it would be a big improvement for testing :smile: