Appium IOS launching safari browser on real device


Can you please help me to launch safri browser on ios real device.I am able to install in my mobile successfully.When i try to launch browser through desired capabilities,I am unable to launch browser

public class IOSWeb {

    IOSDriver driver;
    DesiredCapabilities cap = new DesiredCapabilities();

    public void startAppium() throws MalformedURLException, InterruptedException {
        cap.setCapability(MobileCapabilityType.BROWSER_NAME, "Safari");
        cap.setCapability(MobileCapabilityType.PLATFORM_VERSION, "10.3");
        cap.setCapability(MobileCapabilityType.PLATFORM_NAME, "ios");
        cap.setCapability(MobileCapabilityType.DEVICE_NAME, "iPhone 6s");

        driver = new IOSDriver(new URL(""), cap);

    public void runTest() {
          // Your test script goes here

    @AfterTest(alwaysRun = true)
    public void tearDown() {

I have tried this,it is giving error like “please insert platform name” even after inserting platform name