Appium ios not refreshing after swipe

My test consist of having a list of element.
Clicking on the first one to open it then swipe right to left to access the next one and make sure that they are different.

On Android it’s working perfectly but for some reason it seems that
the driver doesn’t refresh itself after swiping into the new page.

If i’m trying to access a text i keep on having the element from the
first page even if i’m in the 2nd or 3rd element of the list

is there a sort of refresh page in Appium iOS ?

here is my code :

finding my title



Dimension size = driver.manage().window().getSize();
driver.swipe(size.getWidth()-100, size.getHeight()/2, 100, size.getHeight()/2, 500);

then remake the find title function and even tough me screen is
changing on my ipad and a can see the new title, in the code I still
have the old one

any idea ?

Edit :

Just to be clear if it wasn’t. This is happening when swiping to a new page so the whole page is refreshing.
It’s not just a part of it or swiping inside an element of the same page.