Appium iOS - Simulator 9.1

Hello i am using Appium for iOS (last version) . For simulator 8.4 works fine. I try run in simulator 9.1 but this simulator don’t appear in platform version in UI - Appium, I try write 9.1 and application open but give me an error always I try perfom actions (webdriver… javascript)

What error are you getting, when you manually enter 9.1 in platform version and start the appium server?

When I open application with simulator 9.1, application open but I have the follow errors:

Log - Appium:

info: [debug] Got result from instruments: {“status”:17,“value”:“UIAButton could not be tapped because the element is not visible”}
info: [debug] Responding to client with error: {“status”:17,“value”:{“message”:“An error occurred while executing user supplied JavaScript.”,“origValue”:“UIAButton could not be tapped because the element is not visible”},“sessionId”:“6ecf65d7-6c54-476b-9a62-f4cac2d0dabc”}
info: <-- POST /wd/hub/session/6ecf65d7-6c54-476b-9a62-f4cac2d0dabc/touch/perform 500 2063.014 ms - 225

Log - Ride:

WebDriverException: Message: An error occurred while executing user supplied JavaScript.

If I choose simulator 8.4 test went well.

Thanks for the feedback

Hey there,
Sounds like for some reason your element is simply not visible on iOS 9 when it is visible in iOS 8.X.

I would use programs such as Appium Ruby Console (ARC) and the Appium Inspector to verify.

It may also be a timing issue of some sort. Feel free to paste some code snippets as that may help troubleshoot.