Appium: iPhone safari is not launching the new session

I am automating the Mobile web browser on Android and iOS devices.

I am using Page Object model Framework using Java + Appium.

While executing the scripts on Safari browser, it is not lunching the new session.

For Example: While executing the test suite suppose login test script it is logged in site and due to any error it is unable to logout and directly quit the browser. When the next is going to run on safari when it navigates to the site it gets logged in(Default login screen is not displayed user navigates to account page).

So my script is failing due to login page is not displayed and all other test cases get failed.

I have tried deletecookies before navigate the page.

But driver.manage().deleteallcookies() is not working on iPhone Safari.

I have also tired following:


So is there any way to deletecookies on iPhone safari browser. or starts new session on iPhone safari.

  • Appium version = 1.8.0
  • Selenium version = 3.9.1
  • Appium java client = 6.0.0 BETA5

Thank you