Appium is not able to find Element of a video player while video is in playing mode

Working on Player automation. I want to find element while video is in playing mode but appium is not responding on android mobile at this state.

Hi Shivam,

Can you please share me the code to play video in appium. I want to play some video in mobile for one of my scenario.

Hi, Play a video from youtube and try to capture it using UIAutomatorviewer. you will get this error

Please anyone have any answer or solution for this ?

I’d say try to pause video and get the screenshot to get the elements attributes you need.

If you really want it while playing, try running tests in debug mode and on your IDE use evaluate expressions. You can try to get page source and see all attributes you need that way. Not promising you that appium will be able to return anything while video is playing, tho.

Does not work even on pausing the video. I tried getting the objects from the player xml the app uses. Still no good. :frowning: